We are living in a dual age of the digital revolution of ubiquitous connection, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Society is now demanding that the world’s limited resources be utilized effectively to avoid waste, and that supply chains flexibly and seamlessly connect producers to consumers while causing minimal emissions. Attaining these goals will benefit those producing goods, while enabling consumers to enjoy produce even more. The notion of providing this kind of behind-the-scenes support to help boost the construction of a sustainable society is gaining traction. As a leading Japanese printing company, Toppan Printing is building a future based on protecting both the past and the present by leveraging its core technology. The company has already contributed so much to the written word, civilization, and culture.

Printing to Protect the Earth in Diverse Ways

Toppan Printing Co. Ltd. is driving change with very little fanfare. The company is active in areas that touch on many aspects of daily life, not only the field of printing technology. Through decades of work in the print sector, its original area of business, Toppan is now proposing new value to some 20,000 clients, working together to create new solutions. Many of the problems faced by companies today are closely related to the SDGs, and Toppan’s technology is partnering to help clients create novel ways to achieve collaborative outcomes.

Take the issue of food spoilage, for example. A new type of package was developed that combines minimal impact on the environment with long-term preservation of food freshness, extending the Use-By date to minimize unsold inventory. Capturing and logging all data related to the product’s journey from production to sales facilitates mapping the entire process and simplifying consumption forecasts. This benefits all parties by optimizing production and distribution while ensuring efficient inventory management, resulting in lower consumption of resources and energy.

Solutions supporting the digital transformation to boost productivity, quality, and work efficiency

Replacing printing on plastics and molded plastics with high-quality paper offering the same level of expressiveness will help reduce the problem of littering the oceans. Toppan Printing is presenting the world with environmentally friendly techniques that combine economic interests with added value.

Language has the power to convey meaning to individual people, and society as a whole. Toppan Printing has been a leader in printing and sharing the wealth that comes with expressiveness for many years. This expertise is evident in the firm’s market strength. Marketing guru Philip Kotler defines the field of marketing as “creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society.” Toppan’s culture is rich with elements essential for achieving the SDGs, and together with advanced information technology, creativity, and expertise in production, the company provides significant idea solutions for resolving the big challenges facing society. All these constituent technologies and expertise are gathered together under the umbrella of “printing technologies.”

As business and society continue to confront the large challenges that accompany digital transformation, Toppan’s technology offers services for a range of proposals and solutions that will help reduce the impacts on society that accompany the shifting toward sustainability.

In fact, Toppan’s technology is behind a surprising number of things we touch, use, and enjoy, on a daily basis. Take a closer look, and you’ll see Toppan, and beyond it, the SDGs that the company is working so hard to realize. Toppan is contributing to society on a global scale, and offering a variety of enterprising approaches to attain the SDGs, all from behind the scenes.

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Value Creation Beyond Customer Expectation
Hideharu Maro, President and Representative Director
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Toppan Printing’s history dates back to 1900, when the company was founded by engineers from the Ministry of the Treasury to utilize the technology of the Erhöht letterpress -- a state of the art printing technique at that time. The founders’ goal was to promote the spread of culture, civilization, and knowledge to all, as well as contributing to education and the dissemination of accumulated wisdom. The firm has always worked toward a sustainable society by maintaining its stance as a company committed to creating social value. In November 2019, we issued the Toppan SDGs Statement to incorporate the sustainability goals into the group’s management policy.

Toppan’s ability to make a significant contribution stems from harnessing the technology and expertise of its five core business segments; Creative Communication, Information Management, Packaging & Converting, Performance Materials, and Electronic Devices. These segments focus on four growth fields addressing the needs of markets and customers -- Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education & Cultural Exchange, Urban Space & Mobility, and Energy & Food Resources.

Leveraging these broad fields of business, our customer base, and the advanced technology contained within the supply chain, we are creating new value for the future. These are the elements of the company that will make possible our vision of “fulfilling, sustainable living.”

Our technology connects us not only to the future, but to the past as well. For example, Toppan’s digital archive data is being used to restore some 30,000 collapsed stones to their original positions within the walls of Kumamoto Castle, after the partial collapse of the structure during the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.

Kumamoto Castle’s Ishigaki Reference System, utilizing digital archive data

New value is best created by exceeding customer expectations. Here at Toppan we are spreading our unique technology and solutions to the world, helping meet the Sustainable Development Goals. We are more than just a printer. We work with people everywhere, helping to improve society all around the world, for everyone.