Solar-derived Hydrogen Used for Fuel Cells at Asahi Breweries' Plant

2019/06/26 21:34
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
Solar panels on the roof of the Ibaraki Plant's building for visitors (source: Asahi Group Holdings)
The H2One set up on the premises of Asahi Breweries' Ibaraki Plant (source: Asahi Group Holdings)

Asahi Group Holdings Ltd introduced the "H2One" stand-alone hydrogen energy supply system to the Ibaraki Plant (Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture) of Asahi Breweries Ltd and started operation of the system June 17, 2019.

The system can stably supply renewable energy-derived electricity, which cannot be easily used for business activities because of the large output fluctuation caused by weather conditions, etc.

Asahi Group Holdings set up 102kW of solar panels on the roof of the plant's building for visitors. Electricity generated with the panels is used to produce hydrogen, which is then stored in a tank. By (1) using the company's own hydrogen energy management system, "H2EMS," for optimal control, (2) using hydrogen produced as fuel for the "H2Rex" pure hydrogen fuel-cell system in a planned manner and (3) generation power, electricity is stably supplied.

Asahi Group Holdings introduced the system for verification, expecting that it will supply electricity to beer servers that are used for visitors to taste beer. The company will test the effects of the system and consider applying it to other facilities. Asahi Group Holdings aims to achieve "zero CO2 emissions" in Japan in 2050.

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp has thus far delivered the H2One to a train station, hotel, stadium, etc. This time, it delivered the 11th H2One to the plant of Asahi Breweries.

It is an object of the "Project to Establish Stand-alone/decentralized Energy Systems Using Hydrogen" of Japan's Ministry of the Environment. And IBJL-Toshiba Leasing Co Ltd is the representative business operator (Related article: Toyota Industries Charges Fuel-cell Forklifts With Solar Hydrogen).