Plant Factory Uses Waste Heat, CO2 From Incineration Plant

2019/07/04 07:58
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The Saga Base (source: Green River Holdings)
The inside of the plant factory (source: Green River Holdings)
Environment control with IoT devices (source: Green River Holdings)

Green Lab (Fukuoka City) completed the "Saga Base" plant factory, which combines its own vertical hydroponic device called "3D High-Density Cultivation" and exhaust heat and CO2 emitted from Saga City Waste Incineration Plant, June 27, 2019.

Green Lab is a company affiliated with Green River Holdings KK (Fukuoka City), which promotes IoT-based agriculture, etc. The plant factory was built based on the "Agreement on the Use of Biomass Resources," which Green Lab concluded with Saga City. The plant will start full-scale operation in July 2019.

The Saga Base is aimed at reducing the cost of heating energy, forming a recycling-based society and creating jobs in areas surrounding the plant by using exhaust heat and CO2 generated at the time of incinerating waste at Saga City Waste Incineration Plant for greenhouse cultivation.

Four three-room plastic greenhouses were installed on about 5,000m2 of area. One was built by a new agricultural company, and the other three were built by Green Lab. In the greenhouses, basil will be grown.

The 3D High-Density Cultivation is a dense-planting method using the "BiGrow" vertical hydroponic planter. In a vertical planter with a height of 150cm, 14 to 18 seedlings can be planted, realizing a more than 10 times larger yield per unit area, compared with common outdoor cultivation, according to Green Lab. It controls nutritious liquid, humidity, temperature, etc with IoT devices, reducing labor and burden required for environment management.

For the construction of the three greenhouses built by Green Lab, the Fund for Strengthening the Bases of Farm Management (Super L Fund) of Japan Finance Corp was used. Currently, four "smart agri-factories," which are dealt with by Green River, are in operation, and the Saga Base will be the fifth smart agri-factory in operation.

Saga City made "Saga City Biomass Industrial City Concept" in 2014 and is making efforts to realize "Biomass Industrial City Saga" for both environmental conservation and economic development.