Transportable Power Supply Comes With Wind, Hydroelectric, PV Systems, Battery

2019/07/26 16:04
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The N3 N Cube (source: NTN)

NTN Corp developed a transportable stand-alone power supply that houses wind, hydroelectric and solar power generation systems and a storage battery in a freight container.

The power supply, "N3 N Cube," can be transported to a disaster-hit site by a truck, freighter, helicopter, etc and installed by only a few people in a short time.

In a 12-foot container, the power supply has a 0.5kW wind turbine, 1.0kW water turbine, 0.9kW of solar panels and 8.6kWh storage battery. The wind turbine and solar panels are located on the roof of the container, and the water turbine is set up at a nearby water channel.