Rock Festival Powered by Solar Panels, Storage Batteries in Fukushima

Infini provides locally-produced panels

2019/08/01 21:11
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An outdoor rock festival using electricity generated with a solar power generation (PV) system took place in Inawashiro-machi (town), Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, June 6, 2019.

Ten artist groups performed at the concert, which was powered by a stand-alone power supply system using solar panels and storage batteries.

The festival, "Inawashiro The Solar Budokan 2019," was an event planned by Y's Connection (a company based in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). It was aimed at drawing attention to global warming issues and promoting the use of renewable energy through an outdoor rock concert with a theme of "Rocking With Sunlight."

The festival first took place in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, in 2013 and, then, in Matsushige-cho, Tokushima Prefecture. This is the first time that the event has took place in Fukushima Prefecture.

"Inawashiro The Solar Budokan 2019" took place July 6, 2019. (source: Y's Connection)

Inawashiro The Solar Budokan 2019 took place from 11:00 to 21:00 at Inawashiro Outdoor Music Hall, which is located near Lake Inawashiro. In addition to the performances on the stage, a food court was built.

At the site, about 23kW of solar panels were set up. Electricity generated was stored in a storage battery system with a capacity of 63kWh (12.6kWh unit x 5), and it was supplied to the stage from the battery system.

The power was consumed by 12 speakers, two monitors, mixer, etc. The artists powered their musical instruments by using two power cables with an output of 3kW each on the stage.

The solar panel used for the event is a product made by Infini Co Ltd, and 84 units of the new solar panel (output: 275W each) manufactured at Infini's Fukushima Plant located in Naraha-machi, Fukushima Prefecture, were attached to makeshift mounting systems made by using tube pipes. As a special supporting company, Infini provided the solar panels for free.

The solar panels were manufactured at Infini's Fukushima Plant. (source: Y's Connection)

The Inawashiro Outdoor Music Hall was equipped with about 7kW of solar panels and a 22kWh storage battery system even before the event, and power was also supplied from those facilities this time.