Japanese Firms Begin Effort to Recycle CO2 From Coal-fired Power Plants

2019/08/07 08:41
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Osaki CoolGen's facilities for separating and collecting CO2 are under construction. (source: J-Power and Chugoku Electric Power)

Electric Power Development Co Ltd (J-Power) and The Chugoku Electric Power Co Inc announced June 5, 2019, that they have started to consider "carbon recycling."

Carbon recycling is a technology to effectively use CO2 collected from coal-fired power plants as a carbon compound resource. They will promote the development of technologies that lead to CCUS (CO2 collection/use/storage) including carbon recycling in the aim of decarbonizing coal-fired power plants.

Osaki CoolGen Corp, a joint venture between J-Power and Chugoku Electric Power, is developing a CO2 separation/collection-type oxygen-blowing integrated coal gasification fuel cell combined cycle (IGFC) technology and will start to test CO2 collection technologies in December 2019.