Drones Scare Away Crows With Sounds (1)

Developed jointly by power producer, venture firm

2019/09/04 17:17
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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Various facilities in Japan are bothered by crows. A solar power plant in Saga Prefecture is achieving good results after introducing a new method to prevent such situations. Sounds that crows hate are produced in the sky by drones (unmanned compact aircraft) and on the ground by stationary speakers.

The effects of the method were confirmed by Japan Environment Techno Co Ltd of Saga City, which is engaged in the solar power business and the operation of drone schools and other businesses, by introducing the method to an approximately 930kW-output solar power plant that it developed and operates.

When a drone equipped with a speaker flies above the solar power plant generating sounds including the cry of crows, crows in the plant and those perching on nearby trees quickly fly away. Flocks of crows numbering from about several hundred to one thousand would fly to the solar power plant and the surrounding areas every day.

The effects last long in the method of scaring away crows by combined use of a speaker mounted on a drone and stationary speakers installed on the ground. Therefore, at present, crows no longer approach the solar power plant and the surrounding areas, according to the company.

Japan Environment Techno demonstrated the method inviting newspaper publishers and TV stations with bases in Saga Prefecture, aiming to improve recognition of the effects of the method. When the demonstration was held, crows had already been scared away from the areas around the solar power plant and the company had to find a nearby mountain where crows live to carry out the demonstration. The company emphasized that the situation proves that the method is very effective.