Panasonic Joins 'RE100,' Plans to Introduce More Renewable Energy

2019/09/04 21:55
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Panasonic's factory in Belgium already achieved "zero CO2 emissions." (source: Panasonic)

Panasonic Corp announced Aug 30, 2019, that it has joined the "RE100" international initiative, which is aimed at using only renewable energy-derived electricity for business activities.

The company plans to replace all the electricity that it uses across the globe with renewable energy-derived electricity by 2050 and realize zero CO2-emission manufacturing.

In June 2017, Panasonic made "Panasonic Environmental Vision 2050," a long-term vision that shows the goal of its environmental management for 2050. For the business promotion aimed at sustainable society, it has been engaged in the "Creation of CO2-free Factories (factories that do not emit CO2 for operation)" on a global scale.

To realize CO2-free factories, it is necessary to expand the use of renewable energy. So, Panasonic is promoting (1) the introduction of renewable energy-based power generation facilities including solar power generation (PV) systems to its bases and (2) the procurement of 100% renewable energy-derived electricity at "CO2 zero model factories" in Japan, Europe and the US.

This time, by joining the RE100, the company will further utilize renewable energy.

For the future, as one of the goals of the "Green Plan 2021" environmental action plan for 2021, Panasonic aims to expand the use of renewable energy and plans to install more renewable energy-based power generation facilities at its bases and strengthen the procurement of renewable energy from outside the company.

At the same time, Panasonic plans to realize CO2 zero model factories in various regions of the world and expand the use of renewable energy in accordance with the characteristics of each region (See related article).