Tokyo to Test Solar Panel-embedded Road

2019/09/05 21:25
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Nippo is testing "solar power generation pavement." (source: Nippo)

The Tokyo metropolitan government announced Aug 29, 2019, that it will test a pavement-type solar panel in Tokyo.

The government will install "Solar Road (pavement-type solar panel)" and vibration power generation facilities including "floor power generation facilities" and broadly communicate the results of the test in the aim of promoting the development of new renewable energy technologies.

The government started to call for a business operator that carries out the "Model Project to Visualize Renewable Energy at Facilities Owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government" from the public. The period of the public call for a business operator will end Sept 19, 2019.

The Solar Road and vibration power generation facilities will be installed at the entrance plaza or entrance hall of Tokyo Big Sight, and their power generation function and power-saving effects will be checked.

Also, as part of visualization, the government will set up a bulletin board describing the overview of the project, the expected effects of new renewable energy-related technologies, etc and conduct a questionnaire survey.

It is a project related to "Smart City Policy Pillar 1 Smart Energy City" of "Implementation Plan for 2020," which was established by the government in December 2016. And the government will practically give the expense of the project (up to ¥41 million in the first fiscal year) to the business operator.