City Gov't Considering 'Marine Solar Power Plant'

2019/09/11 21:23
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The government of Maizuru City (Kyoto Prefecture) is considering a solar power generation business using a sea area that was formerly used as a timber basin in Taira Bay.

The city government called for a business operator that conducts a feasibility test and closed the open call Aug 30, 2019. It plans to select a business operator in early to mid-September 2019 after screening.

The site is a public sea area that the city government rents from Kyoto Prefecture. It measures 329,935.20m2. As facilities, there are 56 mooring piles and five light buoys. Currently, the site is not used as a timber basin. So, as an effective measure to utilize the site, the government is considering "marine solar power generation" using a sea surface.

A private business operator will conduct a feasibility test and report the results of the test by late December 2019. Based on the results, the city government will determine if it is possible to commercialize the project. In the open call, the government called for a business operator that has experience of, for example, setting up a large-scale floating solar power plant and can appropriately carry out the project.

In regard to "offshore wind power generation" and "marine solar power generation" using water surfaces, Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure Co Ltd (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) invested in Austria-based Swimsol, which develops floating solar power generation systems. Swimsol runs a solar power generation business in a sea area of the Maldives (See related article).

Also, Oceans of Energy (the Netherlands-based venture firm) has been engaged in a solar power plant project off the coast of the Netherlands.