Mori Building Begins Providing Green Electricity to Tenants

2019/09/11 21:25
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (source: Mori Building)

Mori Building Co Ltd announced Sept 2, 2019, that it has started to supply 100% renewable energy-derived electricity compatible with global standards such as RE100 to tenants in the offices of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo.

This is the first time in Japan that an office leasing company has started to supply renewable energy-derived electricity to tenants, according to Mori Building.

The Roppongi Hills has its own energy plant, and Roppongi Energy Service Co Ltd (Minato-ku, Tokyo), a subsidiary of Mori Building, operates the facilities and supplies electricity. This time, Mori Building started to supply renewable energy-derived electricity by obtaining a non-fossil fuel energy certificate with tracking information.

Goldman Sachs, which participated in the RE100, is the first tenant to which renewable energy-derived electricity started to be supplied (in August 2019). Goldman Sachs aims to use only renewable energy-derived electricity on a global basis by 2020.

As the same time, Mori Building started to supply renewable energy-derived electricity to its office in the Roppongi Hills. And the company plans to promote similar efforts in the area of Toranomon Hills.

The Roppongi Hills is equipped with a co-generation system consisting of gas engine generators, absorption refrigerators, etc in its basement. It not only supplies electricity to buildings on the premises of the Roppongi Hills but also uses exhaust heat produced in the power generation process to supply cold heat (cold water) and hot heat (steam) for cooling/heating and hot water supply.