Tokai Releases House Self-sufficient in Electricity, Water

2019/09/17 12:15
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The OTS House (source: Tokai)
Solar panels on the roof (source: Tokai)
The large-capacity storage battery (source: Tokai)
The rainwater tank to be buried (source: Tokai)

Tokai Corp (Shizuoka City) released a house that is self-sufficient in electricity and water with solar panels, large-size storage battery, rainwater purification system and domestic wastewater recycling system.

The house, "OTS (On the Spot) House," is equipped with 9.36kW of solar panels and a 48kWh storage battery. It can supply up to 10kVA (equivalent to 100 amperes) of electricity in case of power outage.

Up to 17,000L of rainwater can be stored in a tank, and it is supplied to the inside of the house with an RO (reverse osmosis) water purification system. Moreover, by recycling part of domestic wastewater, the amount of wastewater discharged is reduced by about 60%.