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Power Producer Donates Park to Town, Wins Trust of Local Community (page 3)

2019/09/16 15:01
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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The mega-solar site in the Shimizuhara Area about 1km from this site leveraged about 34ha of idle fields. Despites the efforts to utilize the site for agriculture, it was difficult to raise crops there. As this was a site that the local area wished to be used effectively, the local community proactively excluded it from the plan to establish agricultural promotion areas and filed an application to convert the land category from farmland when developing the mega-solar plant.

According to Matsubara, president of Daisen Maehata, the success of the mega-solar plant development might be attributable to the local community's intentions as well as its empathy to the development and philosophy of Canadian Solar Projects led by President Jeff Roy.

Jeff Roy often said, "Mt. Daisen brings back memories because it resembles the Canadian Rockies in my hometown," expressing his sense of familiarity to the local area. When signing a land-related contract with the power producer, Canadian Solar Projects stipulated in the contract that it would accumulate all the funds to be required to remove the facilities after the power generation project is completed. Such a corporate attitude appears to have been accepted favorably.

Both presidents, Roy and Matsubara, said the cubic concrete structure like a sunshade and a monument at Daisen Canadian Garden was modeled after an "up-side-down Mt. Daisen."