NTT West Subsidiary Finds Burning Junction Box by Drone-based Inspection (1) (page 4)

AI used to improve analysis efficiency

2019/09/16 16:19
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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Serious problems were discovered in the past. Overheating was discovered on a thermal distribution image shot from the sky by a drone. When an employee went to immediately check the solar panels, junction boxes attached on the back of the panels and wires around them were burning (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: Junction boxes and wires burning at four locations (source: Japan Infra Waymark)

Cases of junction boxes and wires burning have been reported from domestic solar power plants. In the majority of the cases, "charred junction boxes and wires" were discovered.

However, at this mega solar plant, they were in the process of burning. The same situation was discovered at four locations in a solar power plant with about 5MW output. The power producer immediately stopped power generation by operating the breaker because the situation was hazardous.

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