Kubota Releases Radio-controlled Mower for Farms, Solar Plants

2019/09/27 16:59
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The "ARC-500" radio-controlled mower (source: Kubota)

Kubota Corp announced July 22, 2019, that it has released a radio-controlled mower.

The mower, "ARC-500," can stably cut grass on a steep slope of up to 40°. It can be used not only for agriculture but for cutting weeds under solar panels. The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the mower is ¥997,920 (including tax).

The user can move the mower in the forward, backward, right and left directions by operating two sticks of a transmitter. The mower is equipped with four cutting blades with different heights. It can cut weeds with a height of up to 600mm. It measures 1,089 (L) x 811 (W) x 610mm (H) and weighs 124kg.