Mitsubishi Motors Offers PV System, V2H Devices to EV Purchasers

2019/10/07 14:56
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Mitsubishi Motors Corp tied up with Sanix Inc and started to sell the "Dendo Drive House (DDH)," which provides a solar power generation (PV) system, V2H (vehicle-to-home) devices, etc as a package.

Mitsubishi Motors will provide a one-stop service including sale, installation and after-the-sale services. The DDH started to be sold Oct 3, 2019, at the Setagaya Store of Higashi Nihon Mitsubishi Motor Sales Co Ltd.

Mitsubishi Motors sells its electric vehicle (electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle), V2H devices, PV system and a special electricity price plan as a package. The sales company of Mitsubishi Motors sells the DDH, and Sanix procures devices and provides installation/maintenance services and the special electricity price plan.

The DDH (source: Mitsubishi Motors)

For the PV system, a third-party-ownership-type service scheme was employed, and customers do not have to make an initial investment at the time of installation. With the special electricity price plan called "Sanix Denki Dendo Drive House Plan," electricity can be used at a cost about 15% less than that of common electricity prices.

The contract period is 10 years, after which the PV system will be given to customers for free.

The V2H devices are leased with a monthly fee of about ¥8,000 (approx US$75). The DDH is sold only at the Setagaya Store at first. But, in view of future expansion, Mitsubishi Motors will check the contents of the service, cooperation among related companies, market receptivity, etc, aiming to establish a system that can be easily accepted by customers.