Nippon Yusen et al Test Tidal Power Generation in Singapore

2019/10/10 06:52
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The tidal power generation turbine (source: Nippon Yusen)

Nippon Yusen KK announced Sept 17, 2019, that it has started operation of a power generation unit in the "Tidal Power Generation Verification Project in Sentosa Island, Singapore," in which Nippon Yusen and MTI Co Ltd participate as joint project partners.

MTI (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is a company affiliated with Nippon Yusen. A tidal power generation turbine was installed on the pier of a bridge called "Sentosa Boardwalk" between the Singapore mainland and the island of Sentosa. The power generation efficiency of the turbine will be tested over about an year, and its power generation cost will be estimated.

Unlike solar and wind power generation, which are susceptible to weather conditions, tidal power generation makes it easy to make an estimate of the amount of power generation because it uses tidal currents whose water volume and direction are stable throughout the year, according to Nippon Yusen.

The rated output of the power generation unit is 5kW, and it is expected to generate 13MWh of electricity per year. Electricity generated is used for street lamps on the Sentosa Boardwalk.

The tidal power generation turbine is a product of Mako Energy, which is a subsidiary of Elemental Energy Technologies Ltd (Australia-based manufacturer of tidal power generation turbines). Also, for the turbine, a mechanical seal using Eagle Industry Co Ltd's surface texturing technology was employed.

Based on the results of the verification of power generation efficiency, etc, Nippon Yusen aims to commercialize ocean renewable energy for the first time in Singapore. The company has not yet decided when to commercialize it. In addition, the company will make efforts to further expand the business, considering sea areas in Asia including Japan as future markets, it said.

The Nippon Yusen group aims to create a new business through empirical researches of ocean energy. Based on its "Staying Ahead 2022 With Digitalization and Green" mid-term management plan, it is making efforts to achieve SDGs (sustainable development goals) through its businesses, and the latest verification is part of the efforts.