Taiyo Holdings Starts Up 2 Floating Solar Plants

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2019/10/29 15:07
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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Taiyo Holdings Co Ltd announced Oct 21, 2019, that it has started operation of two floating solar power plants installed on the surfaces of ponds in Takamatsu City (Kagawa Prefecture) and Yoro-cho (Gifu Prefecture), Japan.

The two plants were developed and are run by Taiyo Green Energy Co Ltd (Ranzan-machi, Saitama Prefecture), which is a subsidiary of Taiyo Holdings. Taiyo Green Energy purchased the development plans for floating solar power plants for which permits and licenses including facility certifications were obtained. The projects were purchased from business operators that started the plans first and commercialized by Taiyo Green Energy.

By starting operation of the two floating solar power plants, the Taiyo Holdings group increased the annual amount of power generated at its solar power plants to about 14.6GWh. The amount is larger than the amount of power that the group consumes in Japan, and it claims, "We can now cover 100% of our power consumption with solar electricity."

All of Taiyo Green Energy's solar power plants are floating solar power plants installed on the surfaces of ponds. It currently has nine floating solar power plants in operation including the new plants.

In order of start of operation, the other seven floating solar power plants are (1) a 1.153MW plant on the balancing reservoir of the Ranzan Hanamidai Industrial Park near the headquarters of Taiyo Holdings (October 2015), (2) plant with an output of about 318kW using a pond adjacent to the Taiyo Holdings' main factory (December 2017, Floating Solar Plant Starts Operation on Reservoir in Saitama), (3 & 4) two plants with outputs of about 960kW and about 1.57MW, respectively, in Inami-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, (January 2019), (5) plant with an output of about 544W in Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture, (February 2019, See related article), (6) plant with an output of about 2.154MW in Yoro-cho, Gifu Prefecture, (August 2019) and (7) plant with an output of about 723kW in Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture, (August 2019, See related article).