Pacifico Yokohama Recycles Food Waste for Biomass Power Generation

2019/11/06 14:46
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (Pacifico Yokohama) announced Sept 5, 2019, that it has established a recycling system for supplying food waste produced in its facility to a biomass power generation system and using electricity generated for another facility, etc.

The system carries out anaerobic fermentation of food residue, extracts combustible gas such as methane and uses it to power a gas engine generator. Electricity generated with the generator is supplied to Rinko Park, which is operated by Pacifico Yokohama.

The amount of food waste is expected to be about 20t per year, and the amount of electricity generated by using the waste will be about 8,700kWh.