Dowa to Begin Biogas Power Generation in Okayama

2019/11/07 14:48
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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An image of the biomass power generation facilities (source: Dowa Holdings)

Dowa Holdings Co Ltd announced Sept 12, 2019, that Biodiesel Okayama Co Ltd will start construction of biomass power generation facilities using food waste.

Biodiesel Okayama (Okayama City) is a company affiliated with Dowa Holdings. By using food waste that is difficult to be recycled as feed or fertilizer, combustible gas is generated by methane fermentation. And the gas is used to power gas engine power generation facilities.

The output of the facilities is expected to be 910kW (using 45t of food waster per day), and the facilities are scheduled to start operation in April 2021.