Trees, Bamboo, Grass Cut by Multifunctional Electric Grass Cutter

Various functions realized by changing attachments

2019/11/12 17:39
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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The ultimate grass cutting method at solar power plants will be cutting grass in every corner by fully automatic grass cutters that travel inside the plant sites with no human aid. But the actual situation at present is far from ideal.

Riding-type grass cutters, which have the highest operating efficiency per area at present, have difficulty in cutting grass that grows near foundations and fences. Because rotary blades are under drivers' seats, vehicle bodies bump against panels and damage them or cause injuries to drivers when they approach arrays (units for fixing solar panels to mounting systems).

Because of such situation, riding-type grass cutters are generally used to cut grass in spacious areas such as between arrays while portable grass cutters or sickles are used to cut grass near foundations and fences.

Grass cutters remotely controlled by operators also have rotary blades under vehicle bodies, and it is difficult for them to cut grass beside foundations and fences perfectly while the blades are in contact with foundations and fences.

In such situation, a remote-type model that can cut grass up to foundations and fences perfectly was released.

It is the "smamo," an electric remote-control-type grass cutter commercialized by Sasaki Corp of Towada City, Aomori Prefecture, a manufacturer of agricultural machines and snow removers. The machine can be used both "in spacious areas" and "in close vicinity of foundations and fences" by replacing the rotary blade units called attachments.

A grass cutter attachment is mounted on the front of a traveling unit with a total length of about 1m. The attachment is replaced with a special attachment to cut grass beside structures (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Outline of attachment for cutting grass near structures (source: Sasaki)

The attachment for "cutting grass beside foundations and fences" was commercialized this autumn. The company calls the attachment an "attachment for cutting alongside structures."

It is an advantage of electric grass cutters to realize grass cutting under various conditions by replacing the attachments, and the company planned to take advantage of this feature from the start of development (See related article).