Kyuden Mirai Energy, SAE to Test 500kW Tidal Power Plant in Nagasaki

2019/11/15 16:46
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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SAE's tidal power generation facilities (source: SAE)

Kyuden Mirai Energy Co Inc (Fukuoka City) announced Oct 31, 2019, that it has concluded an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contract with Atlantis Operations (UK) Ltd (AOUK) for the "Project to Promote the Commercialization of Tidal Power Generation Technologies" of Japan's Ministry of the Environment.

AOUK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIMEC Atlantis Energy (SAE), which is a tidal power producer based in the UK. SAE develops and operates tidal power plants mainly in the UK. Also, it provides services of designing and installing power generation facilities.

SAE is currently moving forward with the world's first commercial tidal power generation project called "MeyGen Project" in the northern part of the UK. At this point, four 1.5MW generators (6MW in total) are used in the project. But the company is increasing the capacity, which is scheduled to reach about 400MW in the future.

In the Project to Promote the Commercialization of Tidal Power Generation Technologies, SAE's power generation facilities will be installed off the coast of Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, and 500kW-scale tidal power generation will be tested for the first time in Japan. The height, weight and rotation speed of the power generation facilities are 20-23.7mn, about 1,550t and 7-15rpm, respectively.

The project is part of the "Project to Promote the Commercialization of Tidal Power Generation Technologies Among the Projects to Promote the Commercialization of Low-carbon Technologies Using Large-scale Potential Energy Sources for Fiscal 2019." In May 2019, a consortium established by Kyuden Mirai Energy and Nagasaki Marine Industry Cluster Promotion Association (nonprofit organization) was selected as a contractor for the project.

Also, Kyuden Mirai Energy concluded a cooperation agreement to jointly operate a tidal power generation project using facilities anchored to the seabed with SAE and AOUK in Japan in the future.

Kyuden Mirai Energy plans to establish technologies and systems suited for marine areas in Japan and make use of knowledge obtained through verification projects and knowhow of SAE, which has experience of operating tidal power plants in Europe, in the aim of commercializing oceanic renewable energy at an early date.