Kyuden Considering Building Large-scale Plant Factory in Fukuoka

2019/11/27 10:54
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
A rendered image of the plant factory (source: Kyuden)

Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc (Kyuden) announced Sept 25, 2019, that it will consider commercializing a next-generation plant factory using idled land on the premises of Kyuden's Buzen Power Plant (Buzen City, Fukuoka Prefecture) in cooperation with Kyudenko Corp, Tokyo Century Corp and Spread Co Ltd (Kyoto City) of the Earthside group.

Kyuden will decide whether to commercialize the project by March 2020. Also, because the factory will consume a larger amount of electricity, the company will consider using the factory as part of a VPP (virtual power plant) and using renewable energy to produce low-environmental-load lettuce. If realized, the plant factory will produce 5t of lettuce per day.