Firms to Jointly Build SEP Ship for 12MW-class Wind Farms

2019/11/29 15:53
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
A rendered image of the SEP ship (source: Penta-Ocean Construction)

Penta-Ocean Construction Co Ltd, Kajima Corp and Yorigami Maritime Construction Co Ltd (Kobe City) announced Nov 20, 2019, that they will jointly build an SEP (self-elevating platform)-type multi-purpose crane ship for construction of wind farms.

The ship is equipped with a fully-turning crane with a maximum load of 1,600t for large-scale wind farms. It can be used for efficiently constructing the foundations and wind turbines of 10-12MW offshore wind power plants anchored to the seabed.

By jacking up the hull of the ship, it becomes possible to carry out crane operation with a high safety, workability and accuracy even in sea areas with severe meteorological and hydrographic conditions. It also supports operation in deep water (water depth: 50m).

The crane ship has a large deck space and enough jack-up capability and can be mounted with and carry several wind turbines with a capacity of 10-12MW each. With a dynamic positioning system (DPS) that keeps the position of the hull of the ship, it becomes possible to shorten positioning time at the time of jacking up the hull.

The Netherlands-based GustoMSC, which deals with more than 70% of SEP ships in the world, made the basic design of the ship. Also, Singapore-based PaxOcean Engineering, which is affiliated with Kuok Family (Malaysia's largest international conglomerate), is responsible for the construction of the ship. The main crane of the ship is a product of the Netherlands-based Huisman, a leading manufacturer of offshore cranes.

A company that owns the SEP ship will be established in January 2020 as a consolidated subsidiary of Penta-Ocean Construction. And Penta-Ocean Construction, Kajima and Yorigami Maritime Construction will jointly invest in it.

The investment ratios of Penta-Ocean Construction, Kajima and Yorigami Maritime Construction will be 65%, 30% and 5%, respectively. The total investment will be about ¥18.5 billion (approx US$169 million). The ship is scheduled to be completed/handed over in September 2022 and start operation in March 2023.

Serious efforts are being made for offshore wind power generation projects in various areas of Japan because laws were enacted to promote the development of wind farms not only in port areas but also in general areas.

Penta-Ocean Construction and Kajima have good track records and knowhow in the planning, design and construction of offshore wind power plants anchored to the seabed. For example, they designed and constructed test machines in Hibikinada (Kitakyushu) and off the coast of Choshi City, respectively.

Yorigami Maritime Construction has abundant experience in offshore engineering such as crane operation at sea.

Penta-Ocean Construction owns "CP-8001," Japan's first SEP ship equipped with a crane with a maximum load of 800t, and has accumulated knowhow and experience regarding the construction of SEP ships. And the company will use them for the construction of the new (second) SEP ship.