Firms to Test Collective Control of Multiple Manufacturers' Storage Batteries

2019/12/06 14:20
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Ten companies including The Kansai Electric Power Co Inc (KEPCO) announced Nov 29, 2019, that they will conduct a verification test for making storage batteries of multiple vendors work in conjunction with one another by using a storage battery-based frequency control technology.

As the number of renewable energy-based power sources (e.g. solar and wind power plants), whose outputs fluctuate depending on weather conditions, increases, there will possibly be a shortage of power to adjust frequency. So, storage batteries, which can be instantaneously charged and discharged, are expected to be used to solve the problem.

In January 2019, KEPCO, Eliiy Power Co Ltd and Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd tested a technology to remotely charge/discharge 10,000 storage batteries (two actual batteries and 9,998 simulated batteries) all at the same time. This time, the number of actual batteries will be increased from two to eight for verification, and they will be provided by different manufacturers.

The "K-Libra" system, which was established by KEPCO and NEC Corp and controls a group of storage batteries, will work in conjunction with a group of storage batteries. And they will check if the system can remotely control the batteries all at the same time in units of seconds.

Also, the firms will (1) examine the time that it takes for the batteries to respond to commands from the K-Libra, control accuracy, etc and (2) check the response performance of the group of batteries in reaction to short-period load fluctuations of a power grid.