Mitsubishi to Combust Only Biomass at Its Existing Thermal Power Plant

2019/12/12 17:01
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Suzukawa Energy Center (source: Mitsubishi)

Mitsubishi Corp announced Dec 4, 2019, that it will start to use only wood pellets as fuel at a thermal power plant owned by Suzukawa Energy Center in April 2022.

Suzukawa Energy Center (Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture) is invested in by a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, etc. The thermal power plant has a rated output of 112MW and started operation in September 2016.

In the project to use only biomass as fuel, important facilities such as existing boilers, turbine generators and fuel conveyors for fuel mixed with biomass (manufactured by IHI Corp) will be utilized, and facilities for storing fuel, etc will be introduced.

Suzukawa Energy Center will procure wood pellets mainly from North America. It expects that the project will have an effect of reducing CO2 by 670,000t per year.

Suzukawa Energy Center was established by Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd, Nippon Paper Industries Co Ltd and Chubu Electric Power Co Inc with investment ratios of 70%, 20% and 10%, respectively. Mitsubishi Corporation Power (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi and runs a renewable energy-based power generation business using solar and wind power, biomass, etc in Japan.

Mitsubishi aims to run a power business by (1) combining low-environmental-load power sources such as renewable energy and digital technologies and (2) providing new added-values such as supply-demand adjustment in and outside Japan. It has a goal of achieving a renewable energy ratio higher than 20% (in terms of the amount of power generated) in its power generation business by 2030.