Osaka Gas Acquires 26MW Solar Plant in Oita

2019/12/18 16:44
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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"Nissan Green Energy Farm in Oita" (source: G&P)

Gas and Power Co Ltd (G&P) announced Dec 16, 2019, that it has acquired shares of JGC Mirai Solar Co Ltd from JGC Holdings Corp and JGC Mirai Solar has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of G&P.

G&P (Osaka City) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co Ltd. JGC Mirai Solar (Yokohama City) is a company that runs a solar power generation (PV) business in Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Japan. This time, the name of the company was changed from JGC Mirai Solar to "Daigas Oita Mirai Solar," and its headquarters was relocated to Osaka City.

JGC Mirai Solar is a special purpose company (SPC) established by JGC Holdings. It has been operating the "Nissan Green Energy Farm in Oita" mega (large-scale) solar power plant since May 2013. G&P participated in the project by acquiring 49% of the shares of JGC Mirai Solar in May 2014.

For the Nissan Green Energy Farm in Oita, about 110,000 solar panels were installed on about 35ha of industrial land that was owned by Nissan Motor Co Ltd. Its output is 26.54MW. For the plant, Sharp Corp and Solar Frontier KK provided solar panels while Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp (TMEIC) supplied PV inverters (Related article: Japan's Largest Mega Solar Project Launched in Oita).

The Daigas group owns more than 500MW of renewable energy-based power sources in Japan and more than 600MW in and outside Japan (including those under construction). It aims to achieve the goal of developing/acquiring about 1GW of renewable energy-based power sources by fiscal 2030 in and outside Japan ahead of schedule.