Symenergy to Build Biomass Power Plant in Wakayama (page 2)

Co-generation unit employed to supply heat, electricity

2019/12/19 12:44
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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On the other hand, Aridagawa-cho has been promoting the introduction of renewable energy-based power sources such as wind and solar power plants and small hydroelectric power plants.

Symenergy became connected with Aridagawa-cho and people related to its forest industry and launched the project because of the following reasons. First, people related to the local forest industry attended a lecture delivered by the president of Symenergy at "Biomass Seminar in Wakayama," which took place in Wakayama Prefecture. Second, a trading company has been consulting with Symenergy on the effective use of local resources.

Symenergy has been considering optimal specifications and business contents that are suited for the scale of the local forest industry with a focus on "fitting with the community" in cooperation with the local government, local businesses and the trading company.

For the future, Symenergy will establish a "biomass center" for reducing the consumption of fossil fuel in the community by installing biomass boilers at factories, farmhouses, administrative facilities, etc, and promoting the sale of wood chips as fuel.