Rakuten Joins 'RE100," Aiming to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy Ratio by 2025

2019/12/20 17:21
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Carbon offset at a sports match (source: Rakuten)

Rakuten Inc announced Dec 17, 2019, that it has joined the "RE100" international initiative aimed at procuring electricity to be used for business activities with a renewable energy ratio of 100%.

The company aims to start to use only renewable energy-derived electricity for its business activities by 2025.

The Rakuten group established "Rakuten Energy Trading System (REts)" J-Credit trading system using blockchain technologies as an effort of the "Rakuten Energy" energy service and has been providing it as a service for corporate customers.

Also, Rakuten will promote the "Project R100" project for helping stores of the Rakuten Ichiba and accommodation facilities affiliated with the Rakuten Travel use only renewable energy-derived electricity for their business activities. Rakuten conducted "carbon offset" using the J-Credit at sports matches hosted or co-hosted by the company.

For the future, Rakuten will push forward with cooperation with stakeholders in and outside the company in the aim of achieving a renewable energy ratio of 100% at its bases such as its headquarters, data centers and physical distribution centers. Currently, the number of members of the RE100 is 220 in the world and 30 in Japan including Rakuten.