Local Gov't, Tokyu Land Team on Wind Power Generation, Local Revitalization

2020/01/07 14:13
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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Considering both floating wind power plant, wind power plant anchored to seabed

The government of Matsumae-cho (town in Hokkaido) and Tokyu Land Corp signed an agreement to cooperate in the promotion of a wind power generation project, local revitalization and establishment of anti-disaster infrastructures Dec 19, 2019.

Tokyu Land built a wind power plant equipped with a storage battery, "Re-Ene Matsumae Wind Power Plant," in the town and started operation of the plant in April 2019. The company aims to mitigate the output fluctuation of the wind power plant by charging/discharging the battery and stably supply electricity (Related article: Japan's Largest Wind Turbines Begin Operation With Batteries in Hokkaido).

"Re-Ene Matsumae Wind Power Plant" (source: Tokyu Land)

The items mentioned in the partnership agreement are (1) the establishment of a system for enabling to use electricity from the wind power plant at the time of disaster, (2) the nurturing of tourist attractions and industries in the aim of increasing the population of the town and the number of tourists, (3) local revitalization using local resources and the publicization of the attractions of the town, (4) cooperation in the establishment of social infrastructures that contribute to local development/revitalization, etc.

"Winds have been troublesome because, for example, they cause rough sea conditions and make it impossible to fish," said Hideo Ishiyama, mayor of the town. "With wind power generation, such disadvantages turned into advantages. We expect that strong winds in Matsumae can be used for power supply at the time of disaster and tourism."

In addition to 40.8MW of onshore wind power plants that Tokyu Land built and is operating in the town, the company already started to consider developing an offshore wind power plant off the coast of the town. It is currently evaluating the business feasibility of the project, considering both a floating wind power plant and a wind power plant anchored to the seabed. The town aims at the "development of the town using wind power generation" while considering such a wind power generation project as the town's comprehensive plan and supporting smooth promotion of the project.

The ceremony to conclude the agreement (source: Nikkei BP)