Renewable Energy-based Hydrogen Station Set Up in Fukui

2020/01/11 16:29
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The H2One ST Unit set up in Tsuruga City (source: Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions)
The system image of the H2One Multi Station (source: Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions)

Tsuruga City (Fukui Prefecture) and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp (Kawasaki City) announced Dec 26, 2019, that they have introduced a hydrogen station using renewable energy in the city and opened it on the same day.

The hydrogen station, "H2One ST Unit," is the first renewable energy-based hydrogen station in the Hokuriku region (Fukui, Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures) of Japan.

The H2One ST Unit uses electricity generated by using renewable energy and electrolyzes water to produce hydrogen and fill a fuel-cell (FC) vehicle with it. The amount of hydrogen that can be produced by the station per day is equivalent to the total tank capacity of about eight FC vehicles. It can fill an FC vehicle in three minutes.

Tsuruga City and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions concluded the "Basic Agreement on the Establishment of Hydrogen Supply Chain" in August 2018 and have been considering the establishment of a hydrogen supply chain in the city. The introduction of the H2One ST Unit is part of the effort. This time, they also installed a solar power generation (PV) system with an output of 30kW.

In the first half of 2020, Tsuruga City and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions will add the "H2One" container-type stand-alone energy supply system. And the station will operate as "H2One Multi Station," which supplies not only renewable energy-derived hydrogen but also renewable energy-derived electricity to electric vehicles and a local wholesale market run by Tsuruga City.