Ricoh to Start Operation of New Factory in China Using Solar Power

2020/01/17 10:13
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Ricoh Manufacturing (China) (source: Ricoh)

A new factory of Ricoh Manufacturing (China) Ltd, which is affiliated with the Ricoh group and produces office printers, will begin operation in April 2020.

The factory will be equipped with solar panels. Ricoh Co Ltd made this announcement Jan 9, 2020. Ricoh Manufacturing (China) was established in November 2017 in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

As a cutting-edge environmentally-friendly factory of the Ricoh group, which has been engaged in the reduction of CO2 emissions, it will be proactively equipped with environmentally-friendly facilities including solar power generation (PV) facilities. And the factory plans to obtain "Certification of Green Building Design Label 3 Stars," the highest level of the green certification.

The output of the PV system will be 900kW, and the system is expected to generate 1,040,000kWh of electricity per year. All the electricity generated will be consumed in house. Moreover, Ricoh Manufacturing (China) will introduce a displacement ventilation/air-conditioning system, natural lighting/automatic ventilation system, human presence sensor-equipped lighting system, Low-E glass, solar heat-based hot water supply system, etc.

As the Ricoh group's global production base for printers and multi-function printers, the factory will promote "digital manufacturing" by using sales/production data based on IoT devices and introducing robots and automated facilities. It will conduct customized production, which has been conducted at its bases located in areas where products are consumed, with a high efficiency and manage both operation and manufacturing data at customer sites in the aim of improving product quality at the time of operating devices.

With the start of production at the new factory, the Ricoh group will restructure its production bases in China, planning to stop the operations of Ricoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd in the spring of 2020 and Ricoh Components & Products (Shenzhen) Ltd in the fall of 2020.

Also, the Ricoh group will strengthen the concurrent production of its main multi-function printers in cooperation with Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd (Rayong Province), which is the group's volume production base in Asia, in the aim of sharing parts and establishing an optimal supply chain.