Solar-powered Hydrogen Station to Open in Toyama

2020/01/19 13:49
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The renewable energy-based hydrogen station built on the premises of Toyama City Environmental Center (source: Toyama Hydrogen Energy Promotion Council)

Toyama Hydrogen Energy Promotion Council (general incorporated association) will open a hydrogen station using renewable energy on the premises of Toyama City Environmental Center Jan 23, 2020.

For the hydrogen station, "H2OneST," which is Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp's water electrolysis hydrogen production/filing unit, was introduced. By using electricity generated with Canadian Solar Inc's solar panels (output: about 300kW) set up on the roof of the center, water will be electrolyzed to produce hydrogen.

The unit will produce 96Nm3 of hydrogen per day and can fill eight fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs) per day. The filing time is three to five minutes per vehicle. The FCVs will be used for car sharing in the region, and an FCV garbage truck will be operated on a trial basis.

The project is run by Toyama Hydrogen Energy Promotion Council, and Toyoma City, Hokusan Co Ltd (Toyama City), etc became partners. It was selected as the "Project to Support the Introduction of Renewable Energy-based Hydrogen Stations" of Japan's Ministry of the Environment.

Also, Toyama Hydrogen Energy Promotion Council built "Hydrogen Station Toyama," the first commercial hydrogen station in the Hokuriku region (Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui prefectures) of Japan, planning to have a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the station March 7, 2020. The station can supply more than 150Nm3 of hydrogen per hour and can fill an FCV in three minutes.

This project was selected as the "Project to Support the Installation of Hydrogen Supply Facilities for Fuel-cell Vehicles" of Next Generation Vehicle Promotion Center (NeV). With help from Toyama Prefecture and Toyama City, the council is building the station in cooperation with Japan H2 Mobility LLC (JHyM).