Solar PV Market Outlook for 2020 (2)

Market scale, policy, trends in business models

2020/01/19 16:58
Kenji Kaneko, editor in chief, Mega Solar Business (Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo)
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Continued from Solar PV Market Outlook for 2020 (1)

'Household solar power equipment' also to recover

It is apparent from the introduction amount information released by METI that large-scale projects connected to extra-high-voltage transmission lines and that require long construction periods are beginning to lead the market in newly introduced solar power plants. The introduction amount of extra-high-voltage projects has been growing steadily from 1.14GW in fiscal 2016 to 1.46GW in fiscal 2017 and 1.83GW in fiscal 2018.

Rooftop solar power generation equipment for households has also been supporting the solar power market since 2018. The amount of household solar power generation equipment continued to decrease from the peak in fiscal 2012, and the capacity declined to about 662MW (133,000 cases) in fiscal 2017. However, the capacity finally began to recover, reaching about 734MW (about 146,000 cases) in fiscal 2018.

According to the statistics of JPEA on solar cell shipments, the shipments for use in household equipment for the period from April to June 2019 and from July to September of the same year increased by more than 10% from the same periods of the previous year.

The backdrop to the increase are the rise in the number of "own houses" and "houses for sale," which are suitable for installing rooftop solar power equipment, constructed in fiscal 2018 by about 5% from the previous fiscal year, and the decline in solar panel prices and improvement in the awareness on the function of independent operation during disasters, which made solar panels more appealing to house owners.