Solar-derived Hydrogen to Be Used at Commercial Facility, Factory in Yamanashi

2020/01/31 14:42
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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A mega solar plant that Yamanashi Prefecture built for the demonstration test (source: Nikkei BP)

Yamanashi Prefecture, Ogino Co Ltd (local general retailer based in Kofu City) and Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device Ltd (Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture) will start a demonstration test of producing hydrogen by using electricity generated at "Komekurayama Solar Power Plant" in Kofu City and using it at a commercial facility and factory.

They have concluded a basic agreement on the project Jan 24, 2020.

Yamanashi Prefecture has been engaged in the establishment of "P2G System" since fiscal 2016. The system will consist of a 1.5MW water electrolysis unit, hydrogen storage system using hydrogen-absorbing alloy, hydrogen shipment facilities such as a hydrogen trailer and hydrogen bundle, etc. It can produce about 450,000m3 of hydrogen, which is equivalent to 450 fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs), per year.

Ogino will build a pure-hydrogen fuel-cell system at a commercial facility in Kofu City, and Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device will set up a pure-hydrogen boiler at a semiconductor manufacturing factory in Chuo City.

The prefecture and two companies plan to start to supply hydrogen to the facilities at the end of fiscal 2020. And they will develop technologies for realizing a new business model that prevents the consumption of fossil fuel on the demand side.

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) entrusted the development of the P2G System to Yamanashi Prefecture, Toray Industries Inc, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc and Takaoka Toko Co Ltd. It will be installed adjacent to solar power plants to adjust the supply-demand balance between the surplus supply capability of a power grid and the power-generating side. The demonstration test will end in fiscal 2026.