Kaneka's See-through Solar Cell Employed for New National Stadium

2020/02/07 21:23
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The inside of New National Stadium (source: Taisei)
A high-efficiency see-through crystalline solar cell (source: Kaneka)

Kaneka Corp announced Feb 4, 2020, that its crystalline silicon (Si) see-through solar cell has been employed for the ceiling eaves of New National Stadium, which will be used for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games.

Taisei Corp received an order for the construction of the stadium, which was completed in November 2019.

The see-through solar cell employed this time realizes a light-collection function by arranging stripe-shaped crystalline Si solar cells in a laminated glass. As a result, it can generate electricity by using sunlight while securing light-collection capability and transparency. Also, it features flame resistance because of its multi-layered glass embedded with a net.

In the past, Kaneka developed "T-Green Multi Solar," an exterior component that integrates a solar panel with a wall (or window) of a building, in cooperation with Taisei. Because it integrates a solar panel with an exterior material, it can be easily installed and can generate electricity for 30 years or more.

As an energy creation technology that can contribute to zero energy buildings (ZEBs), see-through solar cells are being increasingly employed and considered by companies and public facilities that are strengthening environmentally-friendly management and BCP (business continuity plan). Kaneka plans to continue the development of solar cell products that can be installed in any part of a building and can respond to requests for good design.