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Multi-level Hill Transformed Into Slope at Island Solar Plant (page 4)

Innovative measures for environment, soil in remote island

2020/02/12 13:47
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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There is an unusual point about the mega-solar plant in Fukuejima. Its grid connection point is situated at the bottom next to rice paddies (Fig. 7). The PV inverters and step-up transformers were, however, installed furthest from that point at the top of the hill.

Fig. 7: Grid connection point near rice paddies at bottom (source: Nikkei BP)

According to Comsys Create, it would naturally have installed the PV inverters and step-up transformers at the bottom of the hill near the grid connection point; however, the area was adjacent to rice paddies. A farm road between the rice paddies extended to the front of the power plant. This road was, however, too narrow for a 10t vehicle to pass through to deliver PV inverters and so forth.

This is why the company gave up on setting them up at the bottom near the grid connection point and installed them at the top instead.

And yet, it was not easy to install the facilities at the top of the hill. The company still had to carry them along a narrow road in the mountains, and this road was also too narrow for a 10t vehicle to pass through in some areas. Accordingly, Comsys Create solved this problem through such efforts as trimming trees in the surrounding area and reloading the equipment to a smaller vehicle during delivery.

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