Kaneka, Taisei Integrate Solar Panel, External Wall, Window for Buildings

2020/02/17 18:27
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The exterior system applied to a small- or middle-sized building (source: Kaneka and Taisei)

Kaneka Corp and Taisei Corp announced Dec 19, 2019, that they have co-developed an exterior system integrating a solar panel, external wall, window, etc for buildings.

The system, "T-Green Multi Solar," features a high conversion efficiency, functions such as daylighting, commanding view and heat shielding/insulation and good design. At the time of disaster, it functions as an emergency power source.

This time, the two companies commercialized two type of the system. One is "Solid Type," which uses solar panels as exterior panels, and "See-through Type," which realizes transparency by using stripe-shaped solar panels integrated with glass windows.