NTN Increases Capacity of Container-type Stand-alone Power Source

2020/02/17 18:34
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The "10-foot container" type (source: NTN)
The 10-foot container type (source: NTN)

NTN Corp plans to start to accept orders for a new model of the "N3 N Cube" container-type stand-alone mobile power source that houses wind, hydroelectric and solar power generation units in a freight container in the spring of 2020.

The new model, "20-foot container" type, has a larger capacity than the previous model.

The N3 N Cube can be transported to a place where electricity is required by using various methods such as a truck, freighter, helicopter, etc. It can quickly start power generation after deploying the container. Connectors are used for electric wiring, eliminating the need for a special license. This was announced in May 2019.

The 20-foot container type, which was added to the product line this time, is equipped with a 3.0kW wind turbine, 1.0kW water turbine, 4.0kW of solar panels and 20.0kWh storage battery. It can power a 1kW mobile base station for 24 hours. It takes two hours for four people to install the power source.

The previous model, "10-foot container" type, has a 0.5kW wind turbine, 1.0kW water turbine, 0.9kW of solar panels and 8.6kWh storage battery. It can charge about 2,000 smartphones per day. The price of the standard components starts from ¥5 million.