Off-grid Plant Factory to Come With Solar, Wind Power Generation Facilities

2020/02/29 20:49
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The system of the off-grid plant factory (source: HPRS)
Former Tadoshi Junior High School (source: HPRS)

Hokkaido Palette Recycle System Corp (HPRS, Fukagawa City, Hokkaido) will use the building of a closed junior high school and build an off-grid plant factory that self-consumes solar and wind electricity and does not depend on exiting power grids.

The company started the renovation of the building in December 2019, planning to start to grow agricultural products in about July 2020.

HPRS refurbished the building of Fukagawa City Tadoshi Junior High School, which was closed at the end of March 2014, into a plant factory. It will produce and sell 400 heads of leaf lettuce per day in the first year, planning to gradually increase the number of kinds of crops and production scale depending on demand. The company said that it is possible to produce up to 1,800 heads per day in consideration of the scale of the building.

The principal product of Fukagawa City is rice, and it does not produce fruits or vegetables much. So, the city aims to create a new specialty product by building the plant factory.

On the former school ground, HPRS will set up solar and wind power generation facilities that can supply all the energy necessary for the plant factory. And it will increase the scales of the facilities if the necessary amount of energy increases due to an increase in production scale. The company plans to install biomass power generation facilities for converting factory residue into energy in the future.