Iida City to Test EV Bus, Charging It With Solar Electricity

2020/03/12 01:08
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Iida City (Nagano Prefecture), Shinnan Koutsu Corp (Iida City) and Chubu Electric Power Co Inc announced Feb 14, 2020, that it will introduce/operate an "EV bus" driven by a motor for some of the civic bus routes in Iida City and test energy management by charging the bus.

The test period will end March 31, 2022. They will introduce the EV bus in the civic bus routes in the center of the city and test its effects to reduce environmental load, economic efficiency and comfort.

Also, by adjusting the schedule of the EV bus and charging it when a solar power generation (PV) system is generating electricity, they aim to realize local production/consumption of energy and increase the amount of renewable energy-derived electricity transmitted to a power grid.

In addition, as a test for improving the convenience of civic buses, creating demand and energizing urban areas, etc, they will consider using a bus location system and signage and introducing a point system including stores.

As an effort based on the "Comprehensive Partnership Agreement for Creating Sustainable Communities by Establishing Locally-cyclic Symbiotic Areas," which was concluded by Iida City and Chubu Electric, the "Basic Agreement on the Utilization/demonstration of New Mobility for Creating Sustainable Communities by Establishing Locally-cyclic Symbiotic Areas" was signed Feb 14, 2020.