New Mounting System for Solar Sharing Can Be Set Up on Slopes

2020/03/23 16:42
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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A rendered image of the new mounting system set up in an orchard (source: Chiba Ecological Energy)
Large-size farming machines can be used. (source: Chiba Ecological Energy)

Chiba Ecological Energy Inc and Clenergy Japan Co Ltd announced March 12, 2020, that they have jointly developed a new mounting system for solar sharing (farming solar power plants).

It can be set up on slopes in orchards, pasturelands, etc. Chiba Ecological Energy (Chiba City) is a venture firm spun off from Chiba University, and Clenergy Japan (Yokohama City) is a Japanese subsidiary of Clenergy (solar power producer).

Conventional solar sharing mainly uses a structure integrated with a mounting system such as wisteria-trellis types and array types, putting limits on facilities. As a result, there are problems such as "Large-size farming machines cannot be used," "Installation on large-scale farmlands is inefficient" and "It cannot be set up on slopes."

The new mounting system has a structure using one supporting post, enabling to install it more freely. It can be installed on slopes. And it eliminates space that farming machines cannot enter, making it possible to use large-size farming machines, drones and automatic farming machines.

Also, because the new mounting system has a structure similar to conventional array-type mounting systems, it is expected to reduce material and installation costs.