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1.7MW Solar Plant Overcomes Snow Cover, Frost Heave in Aomori (page 4)

Loss kept to minimum despite breakdown of PV inverter's cooling system

2019/04/02 23:56
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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Remote control introduced from beginning

After the plant began operation, one PV inverter was stopped by the safety function as its fan had failed and could not sufficiently cool down the machine. The plant could limit power selling loss, as the PV inverter manufacturer greatly cut the number of days required to replace the fan from the number it had initially told the plant.

In addition, when the outdoor unit of an air conditioner broke down in 2019, the plant could avoid the situation where the PV inverters are stopped by the safety function, as the other air conditioners whose outdoor units were fine could cover for the broken one because the temperature was low at that time of the year.

Regarding PV inverters, Tohoku Electric Power has announced that it is preparing to implement output control. Tohoku Electric Power also sent power producers a request letter for remote control of PV inverters in March 2019.

At the mega-solar plant in Hachinohe City, PV inverters could be remotely controlled from when the plant started operation in September 2013. Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kogyo voluntarily adopted this feature from the beginning in case anything went wrong at its former plant where no resident employees were stationed around the clock.

The company also adopted remote control from the beginning at its mega-solar plant in Iizuka City and used it when Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc implemented output control.

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