Taikei Construction Sets Up Agricultural Solar Plant in Aichi

2019/04/07 20:14
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The agricultural solar power plant built by Taikei Construction (source: Taikei Construction)
Paddy rice will be grown under solar panels. (source: Taikei Construction)

Taikei Construction Co Ltd (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture) announced Dec 19, 2018, that it has completed an agricultural solar power plant (for solar sharing) in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

The company will start to grow paddy rice in the spring of 2019 by using the plant to test a new business model combining power generation and agriculture.

On 3,050m2 of land, 640 solar panels (output: 110W each) and five PV inverters (output: 9.9kW each) were installed. The total solar panel capacity and grid capacity of the plant are 70.4kW and 49.5kW, respectively. It is connected to a low-voltage power transmission line.