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PV System-equipped Logistics Facility Contributes to Local Community, Environment (page 3)

2019/04/08 22:37
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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26MW generated by solar systems on 17 facilities

ESR basically sets up solar panels on the roofs of such logistics facilities and runs power generation business. Rooftop solar power generators have been set up on all of its 21 facilities in Japan including those being developed, and their outputs extend from 250kW to 6.5MW. Combining the solar projects in operation and under construction with fixed capacities (17 facilities in total), the PV inverter capacity totals about 26MW.

"The roofs of logistics facilities are well-suited for solar power generation, and setting up solar panels there to run power generation business is very significant," said Bryan Gould, director of Renewable Energy Program, ESR. "It is a shame to run a logistics facility without a solar power system."

The ESR Group establishes and runs a different special purpose company (SPC) for each logistics facility operation and rooftop solar power generation project, so the risk of profit fluctuation unique to each business would not affect the others. For the SPC that operates the logistics facility, renting the rooftop to the SPC that runs the solar power generation project is a stable source of revenue.

ESR has adopted power selling business based on the feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme for the rooftop solar power generation business. As the unit price is highly likely to decline to 14 yen/kWh or lower in fiscal 2019 when the unit price begins to be determined by the posting system at plants with an output of 500kW or more, for example, ESR is reportedly considering self-consumption of generated power for new projects from now.