Xsol Releases 1kW Residential PV System

Low-output system realized by microinverter

2019/04/17 12:34
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo & Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The Just Compact installed at a house (source: Xsol)

Xsol Co Ltd (Kyoto City), which runs solar power generation (PV) businesses, announced April 11, 2019, that it has released the "Just Compact" residential PV system, which can function even with one solar panel.

The expected retail price of the system including three solar panels (with a total output of about 1kW) is ¥398,000 (excluding tax, approx US$3,553).

The Just Compact (1) enables users who have given up on the installation of a PV system due to monetary reasons to have a PV system and (2) enables to install a PV system in small houses with small roofs so that PV systems can be installed at all houses as standard features, according to Xsol.

The release of the system is a new proposal for the "'Finalize' Plan to Equip All Houses With Solar Power Generation System." With an output of about 1kW, the Just Compact can meet almost all of the daytime power demand of a general household, making it possible to reduce the amount of power purchase by about 30% per year. Also, it enables to sell surplus electricity.

For the Just Compact, a "microinverter," which is attached to each solar panel and converts direct-current (DC) power to alternating-current (AC) power for the panel, was employed. The previous centralized PV inverter for residential PV systems cannot be started up due to shortage of voltage unless four or more solar panels are installed. On the other hand, the microinverter can be operated with a low voltage, and, therefore, it can be installed even when the number of solar panels is less than four.