Combination of PV System, Reused Batteries to Be Tested at Seven-Eleven Stores (page 2)

2019/04/23 17:09
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo & Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Kanagawa Prefecture is the only prefecture that was selected for both "SDGs Future City" and "Local Government SDGs Model Project," and it set "Kanagawa SDGs Policy Initiatives," actively promoting SDGs. Also, Seven & i Holdings set "Five Important Issues" for SDGs. In Kanagawa Prefecture, the company has 1,444 stores of Seven-Eleven, 31 stores of Ito-Yokado, two stores of Sogo/Seibu and 83 stores of Seven & i Food Systems. And the Seven & i Holdings group runs 1,631 stores in total in the prefecture.

In May 2019, Seven-Eleven Japan opened "Seven-Eleven Sagamihara Hashimotodai 1-Chome Store" (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture) for a verification test of meeting half of the power demand of the store with renewable energy. With solar panels set up on the road, roof and carport, half of the electricity consumed by the store can be generated (Seven-Eleven Store Meets Half of Its Power Demand With Renewable Energy).

The reused batteries of the Leaf were also used for stationary battery systems at an office of Japan Benex Corp (Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture). The company installed 400kWh of reused rechargeable batteries (total output: 400kW) at its main factory in April 2018 and started to use them in conjunction with rooftop solar power plants, etc.