KEPCO to Install 630kW Hydroelectric Power Plant in Nagano

2019/04/26 15:48
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Yamaguchi Dam (source: KEPCO)

The Kansai Electric Power Co Inc (KEPCO) announced Feb 20, 2019, that it will newly build a hydroelectric power plant using ecological discharge for maintaining river environments (e.g. downstream landscape preservation) at Yamaguchi Dam (Kiso-machi, Nagano Prefecture).

The dam, "Yamaguch Ecological Discharge Power Plant (tentative name)," is a dam that is used only for hydroelectric power generation. This time, the effective drop and the maximum amount of discharge for power generation are 27.39m and 2.84m3/s, respectively.

The maximum output of the plant will be 630kW. And the plant is expected to generate 4,500,000kWh of electricity per year. The construction and commercial operation of the plant are expected to start in October 2020 and June 2022, respectively.