Kawasaki Heavy Industries Delivers Biomass Boiler to South Korea

2019/05/08 19:08
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The biomass boiler delivered to Jeonju Paper (source: Kawasaki Heavy Industries)

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd announced March 14, 2019, that it has received an order for a waste plastic/biomass-fired boiler from a South Korea-based engineering company and completed the transfer of the boiler to Jeonju Paper Corp (a South Korea-based major paper-manufacturing company) via the engineering company.

This is the third time that Kawasaki Heavy Industries has delivered its waste plastic/biomass-fired boiler to South Korea.

The boiler is an internal circulation-type fluidized bed boiler (ICBF) that combusts solid fuel (RPF) and wood chips. The solid fuel is made by using waste paper and waste plastic. It can supply 131t of high-temperature, high-pressure steam per hour.