Consumers' Co-op Builds 18MW Solar Plant in Yamagata

2019/05/17 15:52
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The Shonai Yuza Solar Power Plant (source: Seikatsu Club Consumers' Co-operative Union)

Seikatsu Club Consumers' Co-operative Union built an 18MW solar power plant in Yoshide District, Yuza-machi, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, and started commercial operation in February 2019.

For the plant, "Shonai Yuza Solar Power Plant," 67,000 solar panels were set up on about 31ha of land that was formerly used by a company that crushes stones. The total solar panel capacity and grid capacity of the plant are 18MW and 14MW, respectively.

The plant is expected to generate 18,000MWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the amount consumed by 5,700 households, per year, eliminating 7,600t of CO2.